On the move again…

Well as of this week it’s official, my husband, dog and I are moving to Salt Lake City. As always I am naturally excited for a move. I love getting the chance to explore a new city, new culture and some new outdoor activities. (Did you know Salt Lake City has a lake?? I apparently didn’t! In my sleepy stupor this morning, while looking up places of interest on Google maps, I literally searched the term “lake”. So, that tells you how much of an airhead I can be sometimes.) Anyways, I felt like actually taking the time to write about our move this time around. This move will be number four for Bryan and I.

Today I have a busy day, and all I’ll be doing in regards to getting the house sell-ready is “spot cleaning” the house. This is mostly to calm my husbands nerves. He lives in this house like its a model home sometimes. Then a quick Office Depot run, I let the owners of my work know I will finish cleaning the office before I move and few supplies are needed to get all the boys organized. At noon I’m super excited to get my hair trimmed with Ambra, and potentially go back to bangs again. After that the gym with Paul, which today will just be a quick thirty minutes on the treadmill. Then to Rio Bravo Brewing Company for my mid shift. Fingers crossed tonights Graduation Frat Event goes smooth. The weather in Albuquerque today is fucking freezing, and the event is booked in the Bier Garden. Here’s to hoping I don’t have to move around too many chairs and tables.


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