When both jobs collide….

Well waking up early has some advantages I suppose. Today I was able to get up, run to lowes, and get both laundry room doors painted. They look beautiful!

After that little project, it was off to work for the Earth Month Salon Event at work, the day started off a little slow, thankfully. Cheyenne brought me a quesadilla, and sadly she was there to watch me monster through it. Once the event started it was so good to see everyone I used to work with. It was also a very efficient way to tell everyone I was moving. Next stop is Facebook and Instagram now that Bryan and the company have announced it. The day ran pretty smooth and myself and the other bartenders made some great tips.

On a side note I am having a hell of a time falling asleep lately. Merrrr. I am getting things done online, but I can’t wait till I have a night in which my head hits the pillow and I just pass out!!!


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